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James Corden suit underwear dons racy lingerie as he re-enacts Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie career in six minutes

James Corden stripped down to womens bikinis sale to re-enact Arnold Schwarzenegger's entire filmography on The Late Late Show.

Following swimwear manufacturer China on from his hilarious run-through of Tom Hank's movie career during his first week hosting the show, the British comedian decided to do the same with the Austrian action hero.

Getting through a staggering 17 cheap swimming suits of the star's well-known films in just six minutes, the pair managed to zip smoothly from Conan The Barbarian to Pumping Iron through to the more recent, The Expendables.

When Corden asked which of the action franchise they should go for, Schwarzenegger simply replied: «I don't know. I never saw any of them.»

They also managed to plough through a number of classics including Total Recall, The Terminator and Twins.

Obviously not afraid of stripping off on camera by now, Corden donned a black wig and bra as he channelled Jamie Lee Curtis from True Lies during her sexy striptease scene.

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